Deeps of Lyrae: Campaign Roadmap

Welcome to The Deeps of Lyrae Campaign: In the far future, humanity has invented a jump drive, conquered the stars, and forged them into an almost inconceivably large interstellar empire. Yet news only moves as fast as a starship. The vast distances between systems mean that each journey to a new planet might discover anything. This is a variant of GURPS: Traveller and I focus quite a bit on space travel and shipboard life.

The posts about the Deeps of Lyrae campaign have become unruly, so I thought I would make this list as a cheat sheet. Please let me know if you find any broken links!

Campaign and Overall Setting

Player Characters (PCs)

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)






Combat Tests

Shortcut Links:

(These are other ways of organizing the items listed above, not new items.)

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(Image Coda: The Orientale Basin on the surface of the moon from NASA JPL. Public domain image.)


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