Cyclone Light Fast-Attack Fighter (SM+4, TL11^)

I’ve been messing around with the format of the information I give to players when they acquire a ship. For the used Sun Dog freighter, I gave them an in-world “appraiser’s report.” This time I decided to write a “data sheet.” Since this is a military ship, I looked around online at what actual defense contractors like to say about their products. I came up with the format below. A few stats in narrative form, then a list of potential missions for a military ship, followed by a rating of how well the ship will do at that mission. I bought a parka online the other day and it had basically the same thing (hiking: good; snowboarding: good, etc.).

I anticipate that this fighter will be one of the options that allows them to escape from military custody at some point in the campaign. I like the idea of forcing the wrong number of PCs into a very small fighter canopy. I also think it would be fun if the battered and worn Sun Dog freighter carried a fully-up-to-date multi-role military space-superiority fighter as an auxiliary ship because it would lead to incongruous situations. These ideas motivated this design.

Cyclone Light Fast-Attack Fighter

The Cyclone is fairly capable under the basic space combat rules (I think! still learning them!). It will always get acceleration bonuses and if a wing of these are flying in formation their point defense guns can engage an incoming missile that is targeting any ship in the wing. Unfortunately, the weak main gun will do little against most targets, but that’s a function of how beams work at this ship size. I predict it can engage other fighters and lightly-armed civilian ships of similar size fairly effectively, although it could take a while to wear them down. The main gun’s (X-Ray Laser) armor divisor will be a big help.

The ship’s high acceleration (+4 bonus at 200G), stealth hull (-10), defensive ECM (-4). and dynamic chameleon system (-4) should make it quite hard to see, detect, or hit in a variety of situations.

(for players:)

Introductory data sheet and overview.

  • Speed: Extremely fast. 200G sAccel (top speed 35,000 mph in std atmosphere)
    Suitable for deep space, close orbit, or atmospheric missions.
  • Offensive Profile: Adequate.
    1 x 3MJ Armor-Piercing Long-Range X-Ray Laser Cannon (center dorsal turret)
  • Defensive Profile: Light armor and force screens. Extensive electronic countermeasures.
    1 x 30kJ Anti-Missile Point-Defense UV Laser Cannon (center ventral turret)
  • Endurance: Short. Limited by crew compartment.
  • Sensors: Level 6 tactical combat array, range 0.7 light seconds (140,000 mi)
    Extended Arc Multimode Radar and Ladar with Low-Probability Intercept.
  • Comms: Tactical, encrypted military.
  • Power: 2 x 4-point helium isotope Super Fusion Reactors (not refuelable)
  • Crew: 1 x pilot/commander; 1 x co-pilot/gunner (seated side-by-side)
  • Condition: Excellent. 12 years old. Requires daily maintenance.
Missions Capability
space superiority excellent
atmospheric superiority excellent
high-speed interceptor excellent
forward reconnaissance good
forward air control good
space-to-ground attack not recommended
close air support none
space-to-ground bombing none
space-to-ground resupply none
space transportation none
stealth/covert operations none
electronic warfare none

Stat Block

On the sheet itself I mis-named this the “Typhoon+” as I originally meant to slightly revise the Typhoon-class, but that wasn’t feasible. So this is the Cyclone.

(Image coda: I picture this ship as the YS-1000 Sabre space fighter in the Halo universe — a fairly-generic space fighter kind of deal. Image from Halopedia.)


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