Land of the True Game Campaign Roadmap

This post is a table of contents covering what I will address in the Land of the True Game campaign and setting on this blog. (Read the one-paragraph description here before you read this.) I’m not sure how far I will go before I get tired, but I am eager to try.

I’ll attempt to update this post with links to the posts I finish so that there is a central directory for the setting.

As you can tell if you’ve read the books, for now I’m focusing on the first three books — with a few excursions here and there.


✅ = player-friendly, no spoilers content

Campaign/Setting Basics

Game Mechanics

Clarification: I’m using the setting terms in the above list, these are not the GURPS rules terms “talent” or “power(s)” or “sorcery”.

Key Concepts

Important Locations

  • The Old Road
  • Schooltown(s)
  • The Blot / The Labs
  • Wind’s Eye
  • The Bright Demensne

Character Templates

There are a few tables/traits that are relevant just for character creation:

There are a few modules/lenses that apply across templates.

All gamesmen (meaning: those with talent) are descended from one of the original eleven talents.

  1. Armiger
  2. Demon
  3. Elator
  4. Tragamor
  5. Seer
  6. Sentinel
  7. Sorcerer
  8. Healer
  9. Ruler
  10. Shapeshifter
  11. Necromancer
  12. Wizard
  13. Magician
  14. Dervish
  15. Immutable
  16. Pawn

The first eleven are like character classes, with hybrids also allowed, but I’m not sure how much I will get into the hybrids. Those listed above after the first 11 are more like special cases.

Alien Races


(e.g., potential patron/enemy)

  • The Council
  • The Magicians (this is also a character template)
  • The Immutables (also a character template)
  • The Sevens
  • The Dervishes
  • Shadowpeople (this is also an alien race)
  • Eesties (this is also an alien race)

Alien Creatures

  • Groles
  • Krylobos
  • Flood-Chucks


  • Gifters
  • Tallmen
  • The Centipig

There’s a bunch of other stuff I didn’t list here because I don’t think I’ll have the energy for it.

The d’Bor! The Bridgers! The Daylight Bell! The Great Maze! The Backless Throne! etc.

But if you know the books feel free to suggest something else if you think it counts as a must-have.

(The image highlight for this post is a c. 1310 medieval illustration of men harvesting wheat with reaping-hooks, on a calendar page for August, from Queen Mary’s Psalter [Ms. Royal 2. B. VII] at Wikimedia Commons. It is in the public domain.)



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