Module: Minor Heretic (Usually For Gamesmen)

A module is part of a template that can be included in a template by reference, it’s similar to a lens, which specifies a variant of a template. See GURPS Template Toolkit 1. They’re also similar to what are sometimes called “packages.” This is a module for the Land of the True Game campaign.

This module is usually for gamesmen but it could be used for a pawn or an immutable. It would not work for a Wizard. It’s a very brief module, I just want to save myself the trouble of including this on every character template–that’s the point of modules.

For players, the challenge to obtaining this module would be an explanation for how you learned any of the skills. All are hard to obtain, though probably not quite so hard that the GM would require an unusual background.

Minor Heretic

+4 points

Skills: Choose one of: Hidden Lore (Eesties or Shadowpeople) IQ+1 [4], History (Land of the True Game) IQ+0 [4], Mind Block Will+1 [4], Occultism: IQ+1 [4], or Paleontology (Paleozoology) IQ+0 [4].


  • Each of these skills is discussed in more detail in the post dealing with all setting skills, in the heresy section.


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