Module: Educated (Usually For Gamesmen)

A module is part of a template that can be included in a template by reference, it’s similar to a lens, which specifies a variant of a template. See GURPS Template Toolkit 1. They’re also similar to what are sometimes called “packages.” This is a module for the Land of the True Game campaign.

This module is for all who were educated in a schooltown, or received equivalent tutoring elsewhere. I’m writing this out as a module so that I don’t have to write this over and over again for every template.

Taking this module will give a character area knowledge, horseback riding, one aristocratic athletic ability, one or two “book learning” skills about The True Game, and one noble athletic hobby.

You don’t have to be a gamesman (with magical talent) to have been educated in a schooltown. If you are festival-get or a foundling you have no parents and schooltowns will educate you. In this situation you might never manifest talent and then “graduate” from schooltown to be a pawn.

It is also possible for the child of gamesmen to manifest no talent, although this is unusual as talent is hereditary. This is most often the result of a liason between a gamesman and a pawn.

Pawns can also pay to have their pawn children educated, although this is rare — as much of the game-related knowledge is useless to pawns.


+7 points

Advantages: Literacy [0].
Skills: Area Knowledge (city or demensne) IQ+0 [1] and Riding DX+0 [2] ⬤ Another 3 points chosen from among: Current Affairs (Headline News, Powerful Demensnes) IQ+0 [1], Game (True Game) IQ+0 [1], Heraldry IQ-1 [1], Law (True Game) IQ-1 [2], Savoir-Faire (Powerful Demensnes) IQ+0 [1], Strategy (True Game) IQ-1 [2], Tactics IQ-1 [2], or Theology (True Game) IQ-1 [2] ⬤ Choose one of: Climbing DX-1 [1], Rapier Sport DX-1 [1], Dancing DX-1 [1], Jumping DX+0 [1], Running HT-1 [1], or Throwing DX-1 [1].


  • I’m making a note literacy here because you learn to read in a schooltown.
  • Rapier Sport is the Combat Sport skill taken for the Rapier, a.k.a. “Fencing.”
  • Even if a gamesman later develops a talent that makes her noble sports useless–e.g., Armigers can fly and so they are unlikely to spend much time running–they may still have these skills on their templates as they trained in them for years in schooltown before puberty (thus, before their talent manifested itself).


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