Module: Combat Veteran (For Gamesmen)

A module is part of a template that can be included in a template by reference, it’s similar to a lens, which specifies a variant of a template. See GURPS Template Toolkit 1. They’re also similar to what are sometimes called “packages.” This is a module for the Land of the True Game campaign.

This module is for combat-related gamesmen and wouldn’t work for rulers, seers or healers.

In The Land of the True Game campaign, I’m considering forbidding this module, and having everyone start out as young people from a schooltown. But I’m going to spec it out here and mention it on the template pages for other readers to use, or for me to use on NPCs later on.

TBH I am writing this up as a module just to save me from copying and pasting on all of the forthcoming templates.

Combat Veteran

+30 points

Attributes and Advantages: Choose one package:

  1. Danger Sense [15]
  2. Luck [15]
  3. Hard to Kill 2 [4], Status +1 (to level 2: Powerful Gamesman) [5], and +2 Fatigue Points [6]

Skills: Add Tactics IQ+0 [4]. Add Carousing HT+1 [2], Gambling IQ+0 [2], or Intimidation Will+0 [2]. Add an additional 8 points these skills and/or Primary, Secondary, or Background skills.
Perks: Choose one from: Alcohol Tolerance [1], Carrier (venereal disease) [1], Eye for Distance [1], Deep Sleeper [1], Flourish (any) [1], Follow-Through (any) [1], Improvised Weapon (any) [1], No Hangover [1], Quick-Sheathe (any) [1], Secret Knowledge (any) [1], Teamwork [1], Trademark Move [1], Trivial Reputation (any) [1].


  • Fatigue points are particularly important for magical feats.



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