Let’s Get Started

Whoa, here it is! I’m starting a GURPS Blog. After getting so much from reading everyone else’s GURPS blog and the amazing GURPS Forums I thought I would give something back. I plan to primarily post sci-fi/fantasy material about two campaign settings:

  • The Land of the True Game. An advanced space-faring society discovered psionic mutants among its population and exiled them to a distant planet for study. It then (drumroll) destroyed itself. Cut-off from home, the mutants descended into a state of medieval barbarism. Meanwhile, the planet turned out to be inhabited. This is my GURPS adaptation and expansion of some of the ideas from The True Game series of novels by Sheri S. Tepper.
  • The Deeps of Lyrae. In the far future, humanity has invented a jump drive, conquered the stars, and forged them into an almost inconceivably large interstellar empire. Yet news only moves as fast as a starship. The vast distances between systems mean that each journey to a new planet might discover anything. This is a variant of GURPS: Traveller and I focus quite a bit on space travel and shipboard life.

I’ll put the above text on the “About” page of this blog in a second.

Here are my pledges to you, dear reader:

  • I’m really not sure how much of an audience there will be for this, but I often end up with this stuff sitting on my hard drive anyhow as part of my Game Mastering. I am going to go out of my way to do what I can to attract an audience. That means I’ll promote this on blog lists, etc.
  • I’ll try to keep the two campaign settings organized by making each of these a category so that you can read just one or the other by clicking on the category name from the sidebar.
  • I’ll cross-post rules-heavy material to the rules category, as I expect some people like that.
  • I’ll do a good job with tagging so if you just want to look at tables you can follow that tag.
  • A lot of this stuff is going to be related to story. I think this should make this blog pretty accessible to GURPS noobs.
  • I plan to use the “post scheduling” feature on WordPress to get content out regularly, hence the tagline “every Monday” in my header. It might even be faster than every Monday. Think of it as at least every Monday.
  • These two campaigns have already been running for a while, so I am pretty confident I can make this timeliness pledge. I just have to move the stuff from my computer to this blog.

The two long-term campaign settings I am working with each provide a great opportunity to use GURPS. Both of them feature complicated, settings where you would expect to encounter very different Tech Levels (TLs), social dynamics, even multiple coexisting systems of supernatural ability.

Now: Onward!


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