Table of Campaign Spaceships

To keep things organized in my mind, I made a printable table of all of the spaceships I expect to use in the Deeps of Lyrae campaign. This is in part so that I can get a handle on their relative size.

In short, it’s a free fan-produced game aid useful for those doing a GURPS Spaceships campaign at TL11/TL11^ who want to incorporate published Traveller material.

Download PDF:

Download Editable Microsoft Word docx:

How To Use This Table

My spaceships roadmap post for this campaign briefly describes the purpose of most of the ships listed here. (The ones not mentioned I haven’t gotten around to yet.)

You can look at all posts tagged “spaceship” in the category “Deeps of Lyrae” to find the designs for the ships mentioned here and highlighted in yellow.

As a side-benefit, the table allows you to easily compare the sizes of the published spaceships in the GURPS Spaceships series at TL11/TL11^ with common ships published for Traveller. So even if you care nothing about my campaign this table might be useful.

Since I’ve posted it as a Microsoft Word Document, you could delete my own campaign column and instead put in yours if you are also operating at TL11/TL11^.

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