Character: Lady Triticale, Merchant Antiquarian (150 points)

Boilerplate preface (feel free to skip to character description!): This character is another example in the a set of completed characters I’m posting for the Deeps of Lyrae campaign. I made them for my players, or my players made them.

I’ll refer to them later on if I post recaps, and I thought that other GMs might want them–you should be able to just offer them to new players as a menu of pre-made character options that will work well together.

I didn’t do my own templates for this campaign, so these characters are worked up from templates in the list of published templates I posted a little while ago. The character designs I’ll post were also designed in response to my required character creation prompt for this campaign, and they usually take into account my campaign advice for character creation.

To refresh your memory, the prompt is: “Your character is on a boring backwater planet and has a good reason to want to become a space pirate.”

Lady Triticale

She hails from the violent libertarian world of New Income, a high-powered, well-armed capitalist ready to rough-and-tumble with the best of them. When you deal in fancy antiquities–some real, some not so much–it’s good for business to always keep yourself above the hoi polloi. She does that with her expensive clothes, expensive makeup, name-dropping and a taste for four-star hotels. A toy tiara is a gesture toward her noble title. It’s a minor title, but 100% real she will assure you.

An antiquarian at heart, her preferred weapons are of course antiques, but with a modern twist. She carries an ornate chakram with a ceramic blade and an integrated electrostunner. With luck she can bounce the blunt edge off of your body, delivering 50,000 volts for a quick knockout. But if she miscalculates and the super-sharp blade gets you instead — so be it. Unlike merchants that hail from calmer planets, Lady Amaranth finds it to be a useful haggling tactic to embed the giant chakram’s edge in the wall an inch from your hand (or head!).

Her purple-dyed leather blazer, tiara, matching gloves and scarf might lead you to think she was soft, but the heavy chakram slung across her back changes the look completely. A jeweled katar (also known as a “push-knife”) also makes a nice statement hanging on her belt, and as a bonus it’s been upgraded with a monowire filament along its edge. They call her “The Lioness!” Or anyway she wants them to.

Lady Triticale has a taste for the finer things, and she had an admirable nest egg squirreled away. Then she didn’t. She’s sworn revenge on the pirates that robbed her of her fortune.

Character Sheet


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