Character: Archie Sparks, Boy Genius Roboticist (150 points)

I’m switching gears here to the Deeps of Lyrae campaign, and I’m going to put up a set of completed characters over the next few posts. I made them for my players, or my players made them.

I’ll refer to them later on if I post recaps, and I thought that other GMs might want them–you should be able to just offer them to new players as a menu of pre-made character options that will work well together.

I didn’t do my own templates for this campaign, so these characters are worked up from templates in the list of published templates I posted several days ago. The character designs I’ll post were also designed in response to my required character creation prompt for this campaign, and they usually take into account my campaign advice for character creation.

To refresh your memory, the character creation prompt is: “Your character is on a boring backwater planet and has a good reason to want to become a space pirate.” As you’ll see, Archie wants to discover the secrets of his own past:

Archie Sparks

Archie grew up poor, spending most of his young life in his Aunt’s garage on Family Whee, tinkering. It’s amazing what you can build out of junk and scrap… or at least it’s amazing what Archie can build.

Archie can’t remember his parents — just vague shapes and feelings. He knows he has an accent; he knows he can speak a language that no one else does. When he asks about all this his Aunt just doesn’t know. His teachers don’t know. Librarians don’t know. He was delivered to Auntie as a baby, a foundling. Now that he’s hit 18 it’s become his mission to uncover the mystery of his past. Where did he come from? Why did his parents abandon him?

He has spent his short life so far retreating from the world and turning his attention to robots. Archie’s prodigious intelligence and imagination have produced a self-taught roboticist who doesn’t yet need to shave. His homemade robot best friend takes the edge off of his loneliness. Perhaps his lack of a father figure produced his strong feelings for older men.

People would definitely know Archie from his very popular robotics How-To videos online, except that he takes great care to hide his identity when making them. He can barely stand babysitting and the Scouts — they don’t suit his temperament, but he’s learned some things. When it all gets to be too much (even robots) he retreats into music, listening for hours or playing his Casio Ultraportable Electronic Keyboard, a favorite possession.

A Note on Combat

A note about the concept for this character: The idea was an innocent boy — the player wanted him combat-ineffective. So we worked out a robot ally that hovers above his shoulder and fights for him.

Character Sheet



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