Character: Augustine Gann, Healer — Friend to the Finest People, Fond of the Finest Things (200 points)

This is a sample character demonstrating the Healer template.

Healer Gann

In a land where few gamesman grow old, Healer Augustine Gann is doing well so far. He’s a prosperous merchant in the City of Bannerwell, friendly with the Dragon’s Flight Demensne, and he has the finest names in the city on his client list.

In his apartments above the Inn of the Drunken Hippogriff, his giant wardrobe sits chock full of fine sables and velvets. He knows when to stop, but he appreciates exceptional varieties of wine and sweet delicate cakes.

He’s a formal and reserved sort of person, typically serious, but all of this melts away in any encounter with a young child. Then he’s genuine, warm, open. He’ll urge them to call him “Augie.” (But children are the only people he would ever let call him Augie.)

Augustine is somewhat overfond of rules. He strictly adheres to the secret healer’s code, and is also a paragon of gamesmanship as far as the rules are concerned. He’s not prone to combat or over-sensitive to slights, but if he is insulted he is driven to seek satisfaction.

He’s proud of his top-class education at Torbold House, and feels that any dishonor to him would reflect on them, and vice versa. When he’s affronted or driven to anger, which does happen periodically, it’s easy to see it on his face.

While he wouldn’t hurt an innocent person, especially a child, if something is legal under the quite permissive rules of the true game, that is good enough for him. He’s no humanitarian. His hands have felt what it is like to tear and rend from the inside out.

Due to some very lonstanding arrangements from earlier in his healing career, he is contracted to the Pawnish Hamlet of Exenor. Although he’d prefer to spend his time in the city among soft-cushioned chairs and posh company, it is a bargain he made long ago and has grown used to. He periodically makes the rounds to Exenor and back in a hired coach with a few guards to ensure safe travel, or he will rush there if summoned for an emergency.

Yet if someone comes to Healer Gann with no contract and no coin, he’s not interested in helping. It’s not that he’s callous exactly: it’s just business. He says:

“A healer must make a living just like anyone else.”

That’s his view about it. If you have no coin he can be quite creative in thinking about what you might offer that benefits him.

Character Design Notes

Designing a “city healer” with this template is pretty straightforward. I chose Single-Minded for the potential of a +3 bonus on long healing tasks, if the GM agrees. Regeneration seems wise as I am likely to be the only healer around. For disadvantages, I did not want a “bleeding heart” or a combat ineffective character, so I steered toward other flaws. I have a lot of codes of honor going on, but that’s part of the role-playing challenge. In addition to the built-in Educated module, I added the “City Healer” lens from the Healer template, as well as the optional Survivor x1 module.

Character Sheet

(Image coda: Pipázó férfi (Man smoking a pipe), c. 1875-1895 by László Mednyánszky. Public domain. Via Wikimedia Commons. )

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