Requires Concentrate Goes Daily

I started this blog with a promise (stated in the header) of new content every week, but since June 3rd I’ve managed to increase the posting frequency to every day. Today I changed the header to commit to that schedule, as it seems to be working out!

A Brief Reflection: How It’s Going

Although I mainly do this for myself, I “officially” launched the blog in May (pre-dating weekly posts before that). Since then, I’m very happy with the response! I figured that this was a pretty niche hobby and I would only get a few readers, but wordpress stats tells me I’ve had 800 unique visitors in the last month. No idea what that number is supposed to be, but that seems fantastic to me for such a young blog!

A high point was the moment I noticed that someone I don’t know independently recommended this blog on reddit.

Also I noticed someone spontaneously talked about the blog on twitter. And I didn’t pay either of them and I don’t know who they are! Good times.

Also a number of people made supportive posts on the GURPS Forum. Before I was a blogger, I didn’t realize how important it is to receive feedback when you are just starting out. It feels like you might be talking into an empty trashcan. I’m doubling or tripling the number of blog comments I make on other blogs that I read. Bloggers need interaction.

I’ve also now spent enough time using wordpress that I am finding bugs in their code and reporting them. (Grrr… I really wish they would do something about this particular bug, which hides the fourth-most-recent post from this blog’s homepage!) But free wordpress plans cannot edit code and I am currently too cheap to upgrade my plan and fix the error myself.

By far the most successful posts (when counting views) are those related to rules. Mysingle most successful post so far is a free fan-made game aid:

The GURPSICLE (A One-Page GURPS Game Aid / Cheat Sheet for New Players)

(This is a preview/thumbnail.)

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