Alien: The Agirul (Stats and Notes)

In this follow-up to my racial template and narrative description of The Agirul, I’ll discuss how I did the modeling and provide more detailed stats.

Notes on Modeling

There are some fun GURPS rules modelling challenges here. The first is the idea of a sloth. Since GURPS does not model agility separately from DX, it is not clear how to make a GURPS character who is extremely slow, but not clumsy. At first I thought: If a sloth tries to grab a branch he will not miss, so lowering his DX seems unfair. Yet if he tries to slash at you with his claw he will move so slowly that this attack is useless.

I notice in the GURPS Bestiary design for a sloth they just ignored this distinction and tried to model slowness with a low move score. I think I will have to do that and lower DX a little as well as it is the best way I can think of to achieve the game effects of slothiness without too much complexity.

The idea of all of the individuals in a race being part of the same body is discussed on GURPS Space p. 153 and I’ve always wanted to try those rules. Basically, you think of different individuals of your race as allies that are part of your own body. This is either connected or disconnected from you. I’ve changed this to Patron because the other parts of The Agirul’s body are never near each other. So it’s more like having thousands of spies working for you than it is like having thousands of soldiers who show up to help you.

Detailed Stats

Attributes (-70 points)

  • ST -2* (per GURPS 3e Bestiary entry for Sloths) [-20]
  • DX -2* [-40]
  • HT +2 [20]
  • SM -1 (4′ long) [0]
  • DR +1 (thick fur and hide) [5]
  • Basic Speed -1.75 [-35]

*- I know if I have “No Fine Manipulators” I get a discount when I purchase ST and DX but I don’t think this word “purchase” would imply a penalty that reduces the point value I receive for lowering ST and DX? I have assumed that there is no penalty.

Advantages (257 points)

  • Brachiator [5]
  • Claws (talons, cutting) [8]
  • Cultural Adaptability (Xeno-Adaptability) (required for universal translator ability in order to avoid unfamiliarity penalties) [20]
  • Discriminatory Smell [15]
  • Extra Legs (Long, Cannot Kick) [5] + Long Legs (see rule for Extra Legs, p. B55 for modifications to the 2 “default” legs; Cannot Kick) [5] — I wanted to use the “Quadruped” meta-trait but the “long” modifier means I have to spell this stuff out.
  • Flexibility [5]
  • Language Talent (required for universal translator) [10]
  • Modular Ability (cosmic, 4 points; languages only -20%) (a way to model knowing all languages: see this forum post) [32]
  • Patron (The Agirul): This is effectively modeling 10,000 allies who are 100% of this character’s CP-total. But since allies are supposed to represent someone who appears in person and these other Agirul will likely never appear (they don’t hang out together), I’ve modeled this as a Patron with 10,000x starting wealth to represent 10,000 people (at a base cost of 15 points) (frequency of appearance: constantly: x4) then as discussed in this GURPS Forum post I’ve added (highly accessible +50%) to account for a planet-spanning telesend that allows you to talk to them anywhere you (or they) are located on the homeworld [90]
  • Perfect Balance (this is important as it prevents DX rolls when climbing on tree branches — we don’t want this race falling out of trees) [15]
  • Pitiable [5]
  • Racial Memory (Active) [40]
  • Temperature Tolerance (from fur; tolerates cold temperatures to -HTx2 degrees) [2]

Disadvantages (-120 points)

  • Bad Sight (Nearsighted) [-25]
  • Horizontal [-10]
  • Loner (note: p. B142 says that “Loner” NPCs always react to others at a penalty, making The Agirul hard to get to know if you aren’t a part of it) [-5]
  • No Fine Manipulators [-30]
  • Nocturnal [-20]
  • Restricted Diet (Folivore; substitution allowed) [-5]
  • Sleepy (sleeps 3/4 of the time) [-20]
  • Slow Riser [-5]

Perks (3 points)

  • Natural Camouflage (-3 to Vision or +3 to Stealth when in treetops of homeworld) [1]
  • Born Biter (+1 SM for bite purposes) [1]
  • Furred [1]

Quirks (-1 point)

  • Sleep of the Dead [-1]

Features (0 points)

  • Ground speed and Brachiator (tree) speed are reversed, in other words, tree speed = Ground Move while ground speed = Ground Move/2 [0]

Skills (14 points)

  • Climbing (A) DX+1 (note: also receives +2 for Brachiator, +3 from Flexibility, and +1 from Perfect Balance) [4]
  • Stealth (A) DX+2 (note: receives +3 from “Natural Camouflage” when in treetops of homeworld) [8]
  • Survival (Woodlands) (A) Per [2]


  1. Decreased Time Rate (B129) would be an option. At -100 points that would be a pretty significant shift, but you could offset the negative points in (or even buy up) DX. You could also consider adding Mindlink (B70).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely! Mindlink was on the first draft, but when I changed the other parts of The Agirul from Ally to Patron, I decided to use the accessibility enhancement instead because Mindlink is expressly forbidden to Patrons. I suspect “Highly Accessible” on Patrons was a spec to do Mindlink but for Patrons.

    I was thinking that that Decreased Time Rate would be a good way to model a real sloth–from watching YouTube videos of them, they seem to think slowly. But my imaginary alien should talk and think normally (yet move slowly… but not clumsily). Maybe I could put a “physical only” limitation on Decreased Time Rate or something similar. I can’t remember if Powers has anything like that.


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