Inspirational Blogs

This blog (“Requires Concentrate”) is a new blog, although you might not know it because I backdated some posts to get things going with a critical mass of content at launch. I think it’s time for a meta-post.


Here I am a couple of weeks into blogging and I wanted to stop and mention my favorite active blogs that contain material similar to this one, especially sci-fi material. I see that other bloggers do that, and it makes sense! I found these blogs from links in posts like this one.

These have been a big inspiration:


I’d also like to pause for a moment and thank the blog roundups and posts (again like this one) that have been so kind and welcoming to the RPG blogging scene. Of course the essential GURPSDay blog feed from Gaming Ballistic seems to organize all the GURPS blogging AFAIK. But there are also people who mention (or upvote) this stuff in a variety of places. That includes CasusNO, Above the Flatline, imaginos, and the r/RPG gang at reddit. I notice! It matters! Thank you!

I also see that I’m getting some traffic from blogroll sidebars at Thought Eater, Generic Universal Eggplant and Dungeon Fantastic — woo hoo! Not sure if they actually added me manually (if so, thanks!) or if they have connected the GURPSDay blog feed from Gaming Ballistic somehow, which also seems possible. Hopefully it’s manual, and I can take it as a vote of confidence!

Popular Posts

It feels way to early to make a “popular posts” sidebar, but I did notice that a few of my thirty posts are much more popular than others, and they aren’t at the beginning or end of the list so it does not seem to be an artifact of the arrangement of my landing page.

In case you are curious, the top posts are:

A note on that last one: I wonder if I’m getting fans of Sheri S. Tepper or if I’m getting people attracted to the word “crunch.” I imagine these are two very different types of people.


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